Now a days parents are focusing more on education from course books of children; however, it is very necessary for kids to perform some fun activities and engage themselves in outdoor activities. Doing this, will not only develop their interest towards life but will also encourage them to do something creative. Fun tasks apart from improving creativity of kids, will also make them intelligent enough to grow in society of 21st century. These amazing activities provide the right amount of required exposure to the kids making them even more confident while growing. The equipment and tasks offered at elite interactive events makes this experience of children fun-filled and memorable.

Activities Offered

  • Clay Pots Painting

To encourage creativity of children clay pot painting is offered by us. Certain materials are provided like clay pots, disposable paint plates, brushes, foams, acrylic paints, and all necessary items for painting the clay pot.

  • Clown

Kids are greatly attracted by the presence of clowns. We have arrangement of people who dress up like clowns to entertain the little souls with their hilarious jokes and good sense of humor.

  • Paper Painting

Paper painting being a fun-filled task for kids to do is also an amazing way of learning. Bringing imagination on paper and using creative minds is being taught to children through this enjoyable activity.

  • Face Painting

At elite interactive events, face painting service is also provided. Getting their favorite things painted on their faces is all what children need. To fulfill this interest of kids face painting is also done using premium quality water-based, skin friendly paints.

  • Game Organizer

An event for kids is incomplete without the participation of game organizer. Game organizers have the best mini games that teaches a lot of good lessons to children like time management, patience and helps in sharpening the skills of children.

  • Henna Artists

For the interest of our little or grown up ladies Henna artist can also be arranged, who applies different types of designs using henna on your demand. A lot of little girls and ladies have great interests in these designs.

  • Kid’s Puzzles

Doing activities that sharpens your brain from a very young age is very important for healthy and proper functioning of brain. Puzzle solving is an amazing way to explore yourself and enhance

  • Magician

Professional mind blowing magicians are here who can amaze the little souls with their exceptional magical tricks. This trick diverts mind of children and makes them happy.

  • Sand Art

Sand art is a task which brings innovative and unique ideas of kids out of their minds into the reality. This is an easy way as handling of sand is much easier and fun for kids. This activity helps is growth of mind, creativity and physical exercise of the kid.

Specific Equipment used

the types of paints used for clay pot painting like acrylic are of premium quality along with high-quality brushes specially designed for these kind pf paintings. Face painting are skin-friendly which do not harm the skin and henna used is also chemical free.