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Best Dunk Tank Rentals Dubai

If you want some new excitement for your next office or house party, then the best option is to rent out a dunk tank by EI Events. It is an amazing and brand-new attraction for you to have a blast at your event. Dunk tanks can certainly double the excitement of any party or function. It is a source of fun for both, the participants and the spectators.
We provide dunk tanks for all types of parties and events whether it is a house party, a fund-raising event, a school function, or parties for team building.

Dunk Tank Specifications

Dunk tank, offered by EI Events, is extremely lightweight and can easily be transported through standard doors. The best thing is that our dunk tanks require only one hour to be filled provided that you have an adequate supply of water and water pressure is good. In case you have a great supply of water, it will take lesser time to fill. Remember that the dunk tank should be placed within a range of 25m to the water supply.

The Equipment

We are proud to be the pioneers in setting a standard in party rentals and a dunk tank is one of our specialties.
It is our priority to provide a hygienic, secure, clean, and advanced article. We strive our best to transport the entire equipment in a single instance. Our trained and professional operators set up the whole equipment at your specified location so that you don’t have any difficulty.
Our equipment consists of:

  • 1 Dunk Tank
  • 1 Target
  • 1 Dunk Tub
  • 1 Safety Guard

How to Play?

The participants have a choice to select candidates who will sit at the seat that is placed on the tank. The members will take part in turns to hit the target area which is placed on the side of the dunk tank. When a participant hits the target’s bulls’ eye, the person sitting on the seat above the dunk tank will be dropped in the water inside the dunk tank with a huge splash.

Precautions to be Taken While Using a Dunk Tank

Safety must be the biggest priority while using a dunk tank. If you follow the precautions, there is no doubt that you can enjoy the best entertainment of your life by dunking family members and friends.
The biggest risk associated with a dunk tank is that the participants should know about swimming. A person who cannot swim should not be allowed to play. Only one person should be allowed on the seat and inside the tank. People shorter than 5 feet and over 250 pounds should not be allowed in the tank. Last but not the least; do not leave a dunk tank filled with water alone.

Why Choose Us?

EI Events offer you our extraordinary services of dunk tank rentals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the Emirates. We have the best equipment that is compliant with international standards to match your desired requirements. Our prices are affordable as we design the prices according to the market and try to keep them within your range.
Be ready to get soaked and enjoy to the fullest by contacting and hiring the dunk tank in Dubai from us.

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