Our little ones can now get a variety of sliders with Elite Interactive events. Being the most interesting kid activity sliders attracts a lot of children towards itself. Taking slides is not only fun and mind-relaxing for kids but it is also a great source of physical activity and exercise. Taking slides on sliders gives confidence to children, it releases fear from heights, and sharpens the reflexes of the kids. It is a great source of enjoyment along with being a great platform for children to socialize with one another and overcome their shyness. Normal metal slides can sometimes hurt kids but sliders provided by us are air-inflated which decreases the risk of severe injuries.

Variety of sliders

Having a great variety of sliders makes elite interactive events different. The following are the varieties offered by us.

  • Car Slider

Few kids are greatly attracted to cars, so here we have a slider based on car theme for kid’s attraction. A slider based on a car theme will make kids feel that they are in a world of cars.

  • Color Sliders

A combination of different colors is always a hub of attraction for kids. The colored slider is all about a mixture of colors making it different, unique, and attractive for kids. A colorful environment will always make kids feel fresh and happy.

  • Rainbow Sliders

Rainbow colors are also known as happy colors. Providing kids with sliders in happy colors doubles their enjoyment. A soothing effect is provided to the kids by these rainbow-colored inflated sliders creating a fun-filled aura for the kids.

  • Spider-Man Slider

Spider-man is the most favorite and loved superhero among kids is a great source of fascination. So here we have spider-man slider, giving kids an environment of their favorite superhero and contributing to their pleasing and memorable experience.


Why should I rent inflatable sliders from Elite Interactive Events?

Using the premium quality material for sliders makes them different from other companies offering slider’s facility. Assuring you the best quality inflatable sliders we will offer you a justified range of price according to the variety you select.

How many days before should I book my Slider?

We would suggest the sooner you book the better it is! We follow the policy of first come first serve. If you’ve booked beforehand it will be a lot easier for us to provide our professional and best services for our clients.

What special arrangements do I have to make before slider is setup?

Well, there are a few important arrangements that need to be made before setting up the slider. The area should be a little spacious with no sharp or pointed object being around it. Debris should be removed, the grass (if present) of the place should be trimmed at least 2 days before set up is done, clean area should be provided.

Is there a need for an attendee?

Frankly yes, there is a need for an attender near the slider to take care of the number of kids going on and off the slider. We highly recommend parental guidance.

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