Organizing a party or get together? Elite interactive events is here to provide you with the best facilities and rental equipment for your parties all over in the UAE Emirates. Skill games are not only fun to play and a good time pass but they also teach you a lot of skills as it is clearly visible through its name. We are offering all the equipment required to set up these games assuring the quality of our equipment being premium and best. Skill games apart from adding joy to your event it will become a hub of attraction for all aged people making it a fun-filled and memorable event for everyone.

Why choose Elite Interactive Events

We are offering equipment for skill games in a vast variety and an affordable price range. Our products are guaranteed providing satisfaction to our customers. Choosing a trustable brand for equipment on your function is very important, hence we are providing guaranteed and good quality tools of skill games for our renters.

Games for which we offer equipment


Elite interactive events is offering the best quality archery products. Having the best archery products can enhance the experience of the players greatly. So, for this, we have a premium quality archery board, safety gadgets, and all necessary items.

Basket Ball

Being the most famous and most played game, basketball is one of the major games everyone enjoys. Providing the best services and perfection in this game is very important and we assure you of this perfection.

Bottle Toss

Bottle toss is all about accuracy, to provide this accuracy the items used are also supposed to be of the best quality and accuracy. Giving this accuracy to our customers is all that elite interactive event’s service is about.

Can Smash

Can smashing game is about smashing cups using a ball. This game helps in soothing some people. We follow our motto of providing the best and reliable stuff.

Horse Shoes

It is a game played using a horseshoe and is all about targeting the exact points. To get these perfect targeting skills one needs good and right quality equipment. This equipment is rendered professionally by the best elite interactive events rental service.

Inflatable tent with skill games

To organize these games in an orderly manner and flawless way we also provide tent rental service which will give a more arranged look to your function. This tent is inflatable and attractive that enhances your function’s preparations impressing the audience greatly.

Ring the Bull

Being one of the most ancient games, ring the bull has its own old techniques and ways to be played. All the tools and items required to play this game are adequately arranged by us. This will not only save your time but also create a hustle free environment for hosts of the function.

Ring Toss

Ring toss is a game usually played in a team. Tossing a ring and putting it in right place is the aim of this game. We provide the exact arrangements done flawlessly to jack up the experience of the guests.

Star Dart

It is mostly one of the most enjoyable game not only for kids but people of different ages. Hitting the dart in the exact middle of the dart board will give you more points. In such a case having a good quality board and darts is very important and choosing wisely for renting equipment is very important.

Tik-Tac Toss

Tik-tac toss is a game that sharpens your reflexes and focusing power. Arranging all materials for this game is not as easy as it seems, so here we are offering all items for this game arranged for you making management easier for you.

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